De-stink Your Dogs, Naturally!

One of our dogs is a German shepherd mix, which means she has a medium-length, thick coat with an even thicker undercoat. She also LOVES to swim! One dip in the lake, and her smell will send you running for days! That coat just traps everything in. It takes a long time to dry, andContinue reading “De-stink Your Dogs, Naturally!”

diy pup paw balm

Does your dog have dry, cracked pads? Does he need some protection from the heat of the sidewalk or asphalt or cold of the snow and ice? He needs paw balm! Simply apply a thin layer for relief or before heading out into the elements. Because it’s all-natural, it can be re-applied often! And, bonus…IContinue reading “diy pup paw balm”

all-natural soothing dog shampoo

Did you know…many commercial pet shampoos contain drying agents to help the coat dry faster. These chemicals and artificial additives can also dry out the dog’s skin–resulting in itchy, dandruffy skin; excessive shedding; and a dull coat. Additionally, when the pet is bathed too often (more than once every 6-8 weeks) with these shampoos, thoseContinue reading “all-natural soothing dog shampoo”

manage your pup’s arthritis, joint, and muscle pain with essential oils

Our oldest dog, Jake, is now 13+ years old. He’s a mix breed built like a dachshund or corgi–long body, short legs. We always knew that would cause stress on his back, hips, and joints, and it’s definitely showing now with his age. He has a tougher time jumping up on furniture, his back legsContinue reading “manage your pup’s arthritis, joint, and muscle pain with essential oils”

intro to essential oils and pets

The aromatherapy benefits of essential oils for humans is no secret. It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that they can have similar benefits for pets. It’s important to remember, though, that pets can and will respond to them in much different ways than we will. When using oils with your pets, always consult your veterinarianContinue reading “intro to essential oils and pets”

in-ground doggie waste disposal system

When we installed our in-ground waste disposal system, we had three dogs. One is large (about 65 pounds), one is small (about 15 pounds), and one was medium (she has since passed away) and had some digestive issues that resulted in what seemed like non-stop pooping! As you can imagine, backyard cleanup was a dailyContinue reading “in-ground doggie waste disposal system”

diy flea/tick repellent collar (for dogs only)

My family has had dogs forever, and we’ve always used either Frontline or K9 Advantix for flea/tick repellent. Luckily, we’ve never had any negative side effects, and for the most part, we’ve never had any problems with fleas or ticks. All that said, though, I know plenty people who have had problems, and I knowContinue reading “diy flea/tick repellent collar (for dogs only)”

homemade, all-natural peanut butter dog treats (grain free)

I should start by saying I am not a baker. I don’t mind cooking, but baking is definitely not my thing. However, I like knowing exactly what goes into my dogs’ treats and food, so I make an exception when it comes to them. Due to some health issues, one of our dogs has to haveContinue reading “homemade, all-natural peanut butter dog treats (grain free)”