Home Remedy for Muscle and Joint Pain

When I was in high school, I remember my left knee getting awfully sore and swollen during my senior year–particularly after physical activity. As a show choir member (we did lots of dancing if you’re not familiar with show choir) and golfer, I was fairly active. As a right-handed golfer, specifically, my left knee tookContinue reading “Home Remedy for Muscle and Joint Pain”

Get Relief from Your Cold with All-natural Essential Oils

  We’ve all been there: the first signs of an oncoming cold appear. Maybe for you it’s a scratchy throat or a runny nose or an annoying cough. Whatever that sign is, we all react in a similar way–UGH. Several years ago, I was quick to reach for over-the-counter “remedies” when these symptoms hit. IContinue reading “Get Relief from Your Cold with All-natural Essential Oils”